Third Eye Crown Chakra -  Light Code
'Third Eye Opener' Light Code
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'Third Eye Opener' Light Code

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✨'Third Eye Opener' Light Code✨

This light code is here to open your third eye and help you see with your minds eye.

Third Eye Opener Bonus Tip: Combine water, turmeric and rosemary essential oil (optional) until it turns into a paste. Then rub mixture onto your forehead and leave on for about 45 minutes. Also, avoid fluoride if you can.

Two Options Available:
1. Email with files of the PNG, PDF and JPEG versions
2. 3"x3" glass square bevel of the light code, plus e-mailed PNG, PDF and JPEG files.
*Once purchased, the watermark will be removed. Please include the best e-mail when you make an order for the files to be sent to you.

How to Use the Glass Power Tool and the Benefits:
The quartz in the glass amplifies the energy field, helping to channel astral energy. The copper seals the energy of the glass and provides and electrical conduit for the inflowing of high vibrational energy.

Light plays a vital role in transferring energy from the glass to the user's energy field. It is suggested that you use a strobe light for a quick 2-3 minutes for ample affect. If no strobe light is available, you can set it in natural light to activate it for about 20 minutes.