The magic behind the scenes...


Thank you for visiting! My name is Brittany and I am the owner/founder of Modern Magic. 

I was inspired to bring Modern Magic to light after a transformational trip to Sedona, AZ. The name of the business actually became crystal clear (no pun intended) in a dream soon after returning home.

But let's rewind... a year or two before my trip to Sedona I had started accumulating various crystal jewelry pieces. I love having crystals in the form of jewelry because then my favorite crystals can be with me anywhere and everywhere!

I also always wanted to wear jewelry that was made with good quality and good intentions. However, I struggled with finding the perfect pieces for me. I wanted them to be fashionable, affordable and durable.  Even while in Sedona, which has numerous crystal and jewelry shops, there were very few jewelry pieces that fit all of my criteria.  

Vwa-Lah! The inspiration came to me to start a jewelry line that has a modern twist on bohemian style. I chose to work with gold because it is said that gold light is a stream of spiritual energy that comes from the divine and surrounds our chakras. I also believe gold light connects us to the energy of grace and confidence — like a regal queen wearing her gold crown (hence the Modern Magic logo)! 

My purpose is to create transformational jewelry to help you awaken your divine feminine and connect you to your true, higher (queen-like) self. Each jewelry piece is energized with high vibrational frequencies and set with a positive intention before arriving to your doorstep.

It is important to use the crystal in correlation to the work you are already doing and not to use crystals as a “spiritual bypass.” Please don't hesitate to reach out to me with questions or feedback at Although I cannot make any guarantees, I would love to hear how the jewelry has made an impact on your life.

With Love,

xo. Brittany