What is Light Language and What are Light Codes?

I recently started watching the movie "Doctor Strange." If you are a Marvel fan, I am sure you've seen it many times over at this point, but if not, I highly recommend the deeply spiritual yet action packed movie. I think it brings a fun story to the mystery of spirituality and the mystic arts. In the movie, Doctor Strange actually uses light codes and sanskrit to program and create magic! Dr. Strange also connects to different realms, but that is for another day. ;)

One of the ways you can disconnect from the matrix and reprogram is through light language and light codes. We each came to this world with our own authentic blueprint and light codes, many of them dormant due to programming. However, we have the ability to awaken dormant DNA and activate our divine connection to light/source energy and higher realms of consciousness. 

Let me explain more simply...

Light Language is an umbrella term for channeled healing information from multi-dimensions or in simple terms 'the universe.' Light language can come in a variety of different forms such as sacred geometry, sound, song, symbols, numbers, movement, etc.

Light codes are a form of light language and usually come in various shapes and symbols to clear, heal and activate your mind, body and soul.  Many times the channeler will see the codes in the form of gold light. For a good visual, watch 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' and you will see Dr. Strange making a circle of light codes when he's casts spells (pictured below).

When working with light codes, let your subconscious absorb it and allow your system to integrate without having to understand or interpret the picture. Simply, take a deep breath and clear your mind then look at the image. You can also allow your intuition to guide you.

Now...Did you see that at gift shop? (movie joke)
When I read the Akashic Records, often times a custom light code will come in for the individual.
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