Chakras + Clairs

Did you know that your clair senses a.k.a. your psychic abilities are associated with your chakras? 

If you are not familiar, chakras are different energy points within the body. Refer to the diagram below for a quick explanation of the main 7 chakra points. 

The 7 Main Chakra Points

The upper 4 chakras correlate with the 4 main clair senses. The 4 main clair senses are clairsentience (feeling), clairaudience (hearing), clairvoyance (seeing) and claircognizance (knowing). 

  • Clairsentience = Feeling = Heart Chakra

  • Clairaudience = Hearing = Throat Chakra

  • Clairvoyance = Seeing = Third Eye Chakra

  • Claircognizance = Knowing = Crown Chakra

For your clairsentient abilities, it's important to work on healing the heart space to fully feel. However, as you become more empathic it is also just as important to learn how to create healthy loving boundaries from the heart space to help. manage and protect your energy.  

A common misunderstanding is that clear hearing means that you will hear another voice through your ears. However, most of the time the hearing will sound like your own voice in your mind. Therefore, clairaudience is associated with the throat chakra because opens up the conversation and communication not only with yourself, but also with the other realms. 

Clairvoyance means to see through your third eye chakra aka "mind's eye", located on your forehead between your two eyebrows. This seeing ability will appear like your imagination, which is why many people don't recognize it. 

Your crown chakra is your connection to divine source. When you receive information that comes through as an epiphany or stroke of genius that is referred to as claircognizance or clear knowing.


I would, however, argue that the lower three chakras are just as important in opening up your intuitive abilities. 

Starting with the solar plexus chakra, your power center. I like to call this chakra your "clair confidence" because when this energy point is fully open, clear and expanded you will feel the most confident in your psychic abilities. It is also where you get a feeling or "gut instinct" about a person or event. 

The sacral charka wherein lies your creativity.  The universe is full of limitless potential and ideas that stem from your creative juices. You'll want a healthy sacral chakra to receive divine inspiration and run with it. 

And lastly, the root chakra is place of safety and support. In order to fully trust and feel safe with your intuitive gifts, you'll want to work on your root chakra and make sure you are grounding your energy on a regular basis. Do not be afraid to ground into the earth as you will actually receive more information from your guides - the earth holds ancient knowledge and don't forget it is also part of the cosmos! :) 

Also, the root chakra is associated with your "tribe," so who you associate with and the stories that you are plugged into in the group. For example, say you are plugged into the belief that you have to be special or worthy of receiving guidance. That means that it will take you much longer to receive the messages you are looking for. To enhance your psychic abilities simply unplug from this story, reframe and know that YOU ARE WORTHY! It is your divine inheritance. 


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Scheduling an akashic records reading can also be beneficial if you want help healing and clearing your chakras or discovering your intuitive abilities.