What is Your Higher-Self and How Can you Connect with It?

I often reference connecting to your "Higher Self," and so, you may be wondering what that is exactly and how do you connect to it.  Your Higher Self is your connection between the omnipresent universe and your unconditionally loving self. It is your enlightened personality that expresses your soul through divine words, thoughts and actions. In simple terms, it is your higher consciousness. It's your intuition that guides you in fulfilling your souls purpose, which for many of us, can take a while to come to terms.

For me personally, I didn't know how to connect with my Higher Self for quite some time. I was hearing voices all the time (which was the sound of my voice by the way) and my brain would never turn off. I know I sound crazy, but hear me out (no pun intended)!  The messages I heard the most came from my shadow/ego or low vibrational thought forms. You know the ones that leave you worried, anxious, fearful and unable to sleep at night? They were so loud, I couldn't ever differentiate my intuition from the other noise.  This is also why I didn't enjoy meditating because I didn't know how to quiet the brain. Can you relate?  

After about 2-3 years I learned that maybe it's not so much about quieting the mind as it is learning how to work with what thoughts are presenting themselves. I learned to let my Higher Self step forward and my ego step back. Instead of trying to shove the anxious feelings down or ignore them, I started talking to that anxious voice. I let that voice know I could hear it and asked what it was trying to tell me. Let it speak... and let it all out. After letting that voice speak, I kindly let the voice know that it does not belong to me and that I was ready to release it. This freed up space, and slowly but surely, the voices started getting quieter making it easier for me to hear my Higher Self. 

Another practice that helps me get out of my head and into my heart center is grounding my feet into the ground and taking 3 deep breaths, while focusing on breathing into the heart space. Think of your breath being part of your spirit and you will be amazed at the peace and calmness that will wash through you. 

You are always connected to your Higher Self, but sometimes we need to consciously make an effort to allow it come forward and speak ahead of any negative thought forms. You know it is your Higher Self when it comes from a peaceful and loving space and confident in its purpose. At first, the nudges are often quick and subtle, but the more you listen and act on the guidance the more you will receive. 

What does your Higher Self have to say to you today?  Jot it down in your notes or journal. The more you can bring awareness to it, the stronger the connection will become. 

**If you are having thoughts of harming yourself or others please seek a professional for assistance** 

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