What Does Being in Your Power Really Mean?

I feel many people see the word power and automatically have a negative association with the word because many abuse power by taking advantage of others for their own personal self gain.  However, when I talk about power I am talking in the sense of being in your own personal inner power... with out the need of taking from others or getting validation from others.

As women specifically, we have been programmed to play small. In fact, for most of my life I have been like a lion in sheep's clothing.  I think as woman we do this for a variety of reasons. For one, we are innately intuitive and that can intimidate some people. Not that men do not have intuition, but we have been shamed for being very connected to our emotions which is our gateway to our intuitive feelings. I've been afraid of making others feel uncomfortable by being in my power, but what I've ultimately learned along the way is that the more we step into our power the more we inspire others to do the same. 

Our true power comes from leaning into our authenticity. When you decide to step into that which you truly are, being love and light, you are in effect raising your vibration and allowing yourself to be connected to divine guidance. Once you start to play in that higher field of consciousness, you are able to see the power of your own energy and what you can create with it.

There is a sense of freedom knowing that you have the power within yourself. Shifting into this new reality can take some time and effort which is why I created the "I AM POWERFUL" cuffed bracelet to remind yourself daily. 

Here are a few ways to reprogram your subconscious for ultimate transformation:

  • During meditation ask your guides to show you what it would feel and look like to be in your power
  • Journal your affirmation with white paper and blue ink
  • Wear the bracelet daily to remind yourself throughout the day to say the affirmation out loud or to yourself 

As I am writing this post it is actually 11/11/21! You better believe I am wearing this bracelet and using this energy gateway to help release any limiting beliefs or lower vibrations that are keeping me small and from fully stepping into my power.

Happy Manifesting!  11:11