Did You Know You Are Intuitive?

Did You Know You Are Intuitive? 


It is actually your inherent birthright to have intuitive gifts! Under this veil of illusion and apparent disconnection to God/Source/Universe, there are your spirit guides, galactic guides, ancestors and even your higher self waiting to connect with you. 

The time is now to access your inner guidance and activate your superpowers. Chances are you have gifts from several lifetimes that are ready to shine! 

Did you know you are intuitive? Join Bad B**** Magic School to Reawaken and Remember your Intuitive gifts! Starting 4/4/22 I will be launching a 4 week "Bad B**** Magic" course on what they should have taught you in school...how to remember and reawaken your intuition! 

Week 1: All about the Clairs

Week 2: Overcoming Blocks and Fears

Week 3: Activating Your Unique Abilities

Week 4: Bonus Material + 1 on 1 Akashic Records Reading

This course will be for the person who:

  • Is ready to take their power back
  • Is sick of feeling lost, confused or anxious
  • Is ready to break old patterns and quantum leap
  • Knows they are here to make an impact 
  • Wants to align to their highest and greatest timeline

To learn more, visit: https://modern-magic-school.teachable.com/p/bad-b-magic